Data entry at home

Has the internet and computers simplified our lives or made it more difficult. From a business standpoint it has made it more organized. It has also created a work at home opportunity called data entry. Yes you can make money working at home doing data entry.

Corporations create massive amounts of paperwork that must be kept track of many times for years and years. It is physically not possible to store all of it in office space or warehouses. Many corporations do not have the manpower to keep up with and they do not want to hire more people just to do data entry for them.

This is where you come in. If you are an expert in word processing, or spreadsheets you have a skill companies want. If you can get yourself trained on software such as medical transcription or medical billing you could make a lot of money at home with this more specialized skill.

Basically a data entry person inputs information onto a form that shows up on your computer screen. This could be anything from numbers, names and addresses to proof reading existing entries for errors. Word processing can involve letter writing or reports.

Most companies will provide you with the template to work off of. As you become more experienced you can branch into medical and legal transcription which can pay you very well.

Another way to work at home and make money doing data entry is to sell other people’s products by placing classified ads. By becoming an affiliate for a merchant product you will be set up with your own affiliate id number and website for various products the merchant offers.

You enter classified ads all over the internet on classified ad websites. Whenever someone clicks on your ad and buys a product off of your website you make a commission. Writing articles and putting a small classified ad at the bottom is another way to make money with this.

There are all kinds of data entry programs on the internet. Many of them are selling books or programs on how to get started with your own data entry business. Be cautious before investing any of your own money in these products. Ask for references first and try to talk or email a real person to get their feed back on whether they are making money.

There are actually people making money selling data entry products to people like you by doing data entry themselves. Imagine that.